WordPress + All the Tools, Support, and Resources You Need = Real Success

We want you to focus on creating a great blog, learning new things, and making new connections. It is our mission to provide an environment where bloggers don't have to constantly deal with technical hurdles and deep learning curves, but rather jumping right in to blogging; armed with all the necessary tools and resources in one place, and we hope to help spark new connections between like-minded bloggers, too!

We've worked hard to create solutions that would be helpful for our valued clients and community members.


Our WordPress website launching service is unlike any other, in that it truly is a 1-Click solution that provides more than just a cookie-cutter default installation, but rather a pre-configured, optimized and customized install that is ready to go. And our Blog Manager, Plugin Manager, and our signature interactive WordPress Helper tools were created by us to help our clients get things done quickly and efficiently. And if you're new to WordPress, you can use our WordPress Video Library and WordPress Helper, which make the perfect combination of fast learning tools - something you will not find anywhere else!


For the blogging community, we created the first dedicated bloggers only social network. The vision was to provide a place where we can all get together and share, collaborate and grow. The network includes many communication tools, such as: Groups, Chat Rooms, site-wide Instant Messenger, Friend Lists, Forums, Classifieds, RSS Feeds Directory, and Shared Videos. We even opened up our own AB Blog to the community, so that those who would like to share their knowledge and experience could contribute by posting directly to our blog and getting the credit for their shared content.

We're here to help you succeed, and we will continue doing what we can to make that happen!

Best Blogging Platform

Best Blogging Platform

We proudly use WordPress for our valued clients. WordPress is one of the most powerful, reliable, and flexible website & blogging solutions available. It is used by thousands of bloggers, businesses, and fortune 500 companies. It's also very easy to use!

Unlimited Customization

Unlimited Customizations

Unlike most other blog hosting services, you have virtually unlimited customization options. It's WordPress! Easily customize the appearance with using Themes, and there are thousands available from the WordPress community.

Thousands of Plugins

Thousands of Addons

There are thousands of free community-developed plugins availble to you, so that you can add all the functionality you need, when you need it. Contact forms, polls, photo galleries, ecommerce... you name it. It's rare to not find functionality you need!

Easily Manage Multiple Websites with our Blog Manager & Powerful Remote Tools!

Website Tools

Never before has it been so easy to manage sites like a pro! Each site in your account is listed in the Blog Manager, with links to: Home Page, Admin Area, WebMail, Control Panel, Backup Download, our Plugin Manager and our interactive WordPress Helper! So much can be done so conveniently from one place, and that's something we're confident will save you time to do more important things.

Several Support Options

Support Options

We understand support is important, and our team of experienced professionals are here for you. We provide free technical support using online tickets, and also a paid 1on1 Personal Assistance service to answer questions or walk you through things you need help with.

Informative Articles for Beginners

Informative Articles

For those who are new to blogging or marketing, this is the best place to start soaking up information. We provide hundreds of informative articles in our knowledgebase that cover everthing from terminology to the basics of blogging and online marketing.

Video Training Tutorials

Video Training

For some people it is easier to learn by watching. Our goal is to provide a full library of how-to videos covering most of the common actions performed by bloggers. You can currently watch videos that walk you through basics of using WordPress... more coming soon!

Connect and Share with others in our Bloggers Only Social Network!

Bloggers Social Network

Join us today and be part of a great new community! Learn and share in our forums, create and join groups, chat with new friends using our site-wide instant messenger or the public chat rooms. Even buy, sell and trade in our classifieds! We encourage bloggers, designers, developers and other professionals to network. Be sure to use your unique referral link to invite friends, and any purchases earn you commission!

Learn to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

There's no reason you shouldn't make money with your blog! In fact, we promote this idea with tools and resources! If you already know how to make money blogging, great! If not, don't worry... we help you learn how to make use of the money making options you have.

Affiliate Tools & Resources

Affiliate Tools

We provide affiliate tools and resources as well. Access our affiliate product marketplace which contains Clickbank's 25,000+ products with trend charts and stats, our 600+ affiliate network list, and even our own affiliate program! All here to help you make money!

Custom Services Available

Custom Services

When you need help beyond the scope of our included support, we welcome you to make use of our professional blog customization services. Simply tell us what you'd like to do and we'll provide a competitive quote. Our team offers years of experience!

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